Welcome to! This website is all about electronic cigarettes (also known as e-cigs, or e-cigarettes) and which laws apply to them in Canada.


UPDATE, JULY 2014: A new, downloadable two-sided flyer in FCTC and COP6 – WHO?

COP6flyer_lowres_sidebysidepreviewElectronic cigarettes are easily one of the most brilliant, positive inventions of the 21st century. Finding out what they are and how they work is easy enough to do – yet many people (users and non-users alike) still have unanswered questions about them. Are they regulated? Are they safe? Are they medicines?

Getting clear, correct answers on what e-cigarette products are supposed to be regulated as in Canada – with proof provided from the law itself – has not been easy over the last few years. Just look at the media, the government, and vapers themselves; very few possess a clear, correct understanding of this topic. Unfortunately, there are powerful interests out there who want things to stay that way – who don’t want the public to ask probing questions about e-cigarettes, precisely since they are such an effective alternative to smoking. One begins to understand the persistence of so much “official” misinformation, disinformation, and dubious opinion regarding e-cigs.

Isn’t it time we fixed that?

We need answers, not more opinions. What does the law really say about nicotine? About electronic cigarettes? This website has been created to answer those questions, and provide proof that those answers are correct. From labeling, to packaging, to testing, to manufacturing standards, to age restrictions, to legality and more – we’ll be covering it all.

E-cigs change lives for the better, which is why people are so passionate about them. But consumers can only credibly advocate for a credible industry. This website aims to show Canadians of all stripes what legal compliance really involves, so that they can intelligently recognize credibility and hold industry members to account, as needed.

Feel free to delve into a given topic by using the Search bar situated near the top right of this page – or by simply clicking on the Category links in the menu bar above the pine cone. Should you have any additional questions, drop us a line! You can leave a Comment (note: comments are moderated) – or you can email us at

Happy reading!

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